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“Recession Proof” I Heart Snow Productions Review

Recession Proof

I Heart Snow productions

After a wandering, 5 minute intro, which doesn’t even introduce the riders, the movie begins with a section shared by Dudeguy heavy hitters Mike Ravelson and Brendan Rego, Chris Beresford and Wes Walsh. Filmer Ian Post has the last three shots in the section, which, for fear of offending the elderly and retarded, I will chose not to comment on. Rav, Rego and Walsh all deliver without a question, Rego and Walsh putting down some serious handrail hammers as well as a big FS invert on the loon wall from Rego. Mike Rav Swivel’s his way to a good section while all of Beresford’s footage is mediocre at best and from only 2 days.

Nick Julius bridges the sections with his winning performance at the Sugarloaf Main Event. Next up is a section from northern Vermont rippers Luke Haddock, Torrey Lyons, and Sawyer Dean. Haddock turns in a great section slaying rails both in the park and the streets, highlights were a BS1 revert through a down flat down @ Waterville, and completely different take on one of the spots @ BHS. Torrey Puts down 2 big jump shots and Sawyer end’s things with a big back five rocket and the rail bangers we have come to expect out of the Salomon Am.

The next section is split between Brandon Honeycutt and Jay Giannnunzio. Honeycutt’s section features; shots from main events and the monument square rail jam as well as a slew of other park shots highlighted by a nine on Mt. Snows Dew Tour line. Giannnunzio too has a boat load of park shots capped off by a stylish front nine.

The next section is belongs to Steve Lauder and Jesse Curran. Lauder drops a boat load of handrail hammers, unfortunately half of them have already been seen on reelcomp, but regardless it’s a pretty strong section. Curran has some good shots to start out his section, however it ends with footy swiped from Freeride Productions 2007 movie Press Rewind.

Next up is a more or less a montage of east coast shredders, highlighted by TJ James relentlessly chucking himself, Laura Rogoski and Monique Hymen reppin’ it pretty hard for all the ladies out there, and former Lost Valley Maine local Will Mayo putting down both some heavy jump shots.

Next up are Forum Rider and Mt. Snow local Shaun Murphy and Ian Keay. Murphy turns in a solid section filled with super tech rail tricks and solid jump shots, highlighted by a backside nine. The only down side being that the part looks like a Corinthia @ Mt. Snow promo video. Keay ends things out with some solid shots from the Monument Square Rail Jam and Eastern Boarders Last Call.

Okemo’s Ben Farrow Follows that up with a pretty gnarly section that makes up for what it lacks in style and creativity with sheer size and gnar factor, Ben puts down multiple sevens and nines At Corinthia and finishes out with a massive Front ten tail over a huge Okemo gap jump. However, again, the part doesn’t leave the park.

Dudeguy Brandon Griffin starts out the next section with some pretty standard rail maneuvers highlighted by a noseslide stalefish. Yale Cusino finishes it out with a part made up entirely of contest footy, which for the most part is pretty low quality. That said Yale definitely throws some bangers highlighted by a front board disaster to sameway boardslide.

The ender belongs to Burton ripper and closet metal head, Riley Nickerson, the part also features a cameo by Forrest Bailey with footy from Rails to Riches and the Empire shakedown. Riley puts down by far some of the most legit handrail shots in the movie finishing things out with a massive Front board to 50-50. The part barley scratches the surface of what the kids got, but rumor has it that the section was filmed in only 3 weeks…

Hmmm, well none of the teasers looked good and I heart snow productions last 2 movies weren’t worth watching, so needless to say I didn’t come in with high expectations. That said Recession Proof delivered and then some…
However without those, painfully low expectations The movie was miserable, the only way it could have been worse is if it were a wakeboarding movie.. Massive low spots being 2 year old footy being swiped from Press Rewind, James shamelessly chucking himself, Murphy’s part rarely leaving the park and Québec rail shots that reminded us all how good Louie Paradise and LNP were 3 years ago in Bandwagon. Bright spots were solid sections from Rego, Rav, Walsh Haddock and Nickerson. The other “downside” was that the music with the exception of the opening and ending songs not only stunk but rarely matched the editing, which wasn’t anything impressive either. At the end of the day given its recent east coast predecessors, The EB movie, Press Rewind, Iron Curtain’s I and II, I can’t even call Recession Proof “good for an east coast flick” The Yetti Gives Recession Proof a Wookie sized two thumbs down. (Note: it took me three tries to write this without offending Senior Citizens, Special Olympians and or individuals suffering from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.)

“Recession Proof” I Heart Snow Productions Review

I had seen an I Heart Snow video a few years back and was not very impressed with it. This year however I saw multiple teasers for Recession Proof all over the internet and felt it was time I gave the small production crew another try. After watching the teaser and seeing the riders list I was hoping that the video would actually turn out to be pretty good.

Intro- The intro was way to long for my liking. At first it starts out pretty cool with some clips of MSNBC and other news networks talking about the poor economy. After the second clip I was expecting it to kick into some sick riding shots and really get me pumped to see some hardcore East Coast snowboarding, sadly it never did this. Instead it was a rambling 5 min and 44 second intro filled with absolutely nothing and set to terrible music. Personally I don’t want to see almost 6 minutes of b-footy and boring time lapses set to some punk pop music I would expect to find on this girls myspace. The intro pretty much set the tone for what the rest of Recession Proof would be like.

Mike Ravelson- There is no doubting that Mike Rav is a very very good snowboarder. He gets some solid tricks on the Battle Field Rail in Quebec. His style is flawless and I really can’t wait to see more from this kid.

Brendon Rego- Another kid on the rise from the East with some very good rail maneuvers. He has a sick half cab 5-0 on the Battle Field Rail and a sick half cab back three out on another handrail. I would have liked to seen more serious shots of him and not so many tripods.

Montage 1- Chris Beresford (just a bunch of pre-season and end of the year resort footy), Wes Walsh (if you don’t know who he is get ready for him because he has amazing style, so stoked on him.), Ian Post (he made the movie), Nick Julius (only contest shots but kid has good style for sure)

Luke Haddock- Kid definitely has some moves in the park. When he takes them all to the streets peoples heads will be turning for sure.

Torrey Lyons- Probably my second favorite rider in the entire movie. I was bummed his part was so short because he had a proper press and his jumping shots were proper. He needs a full part next year with someone on the East in my opinion. (Found an old part of his, damn so sick)

Sawyer Deen- Another Vermonter who has some sick tricks in the park but just needs to take them to the streets. I knew that Sawyer could slay rails but his one jump shot was amazing, back five rocket was soo sick.

Brandon Honeycutt/ Jay Giannunzio- Both have great tricks and you can tell that they are both down to ride any where regardless of how windy or icy it is. But they both have something about them that I just don’t like, I don’t know if it’s there styles or what but all there shots just didn’t get me too stoked on there riding.

Steve Lauder- Steve is an amazing rider both in and out of the park. His style is so smooth and sleepy like it is hard not to tell if he is even trying. He has so many amazing urban shot but his switch front board pretzel is the one that really sticks out most in my mind.

Jesse Curran- Jesse is another Vermonter who kills anything in front of him. His part is pretty good but I was surprised to see so many shots from a video part of his from the 06-07 season. I think Jesse’s old part speaks volumes about what an amazing rider he really is.

Montage 2- Eugene Stancato (some good park riding from some true Mass Scum), TJ James (good tricks, odd style) Will Mayo (some sick tricks, kid needs a full part) Ben Sullo (seems to have sick style, I don’t think he landed the double cork in his part but still to go for a double cork at Stowe the iciest place on Earth is ballsy) Sean Guyer (some descent moves) Jordan Parks (only one shot but still has more style than any girl I have ever seen ride) Laura Rogoski ( she is killing it and has some moves that are better than most girls)

Shaun Murphy- Really good would not begin to explain how good Shaun Murphy is. I honestly thing he could do any trick on any rail. He has so much style and board control it is ridiculous and on top of all that he can jump too.

Ian Keay- I love Ian’s style, it is so flawless and relaxed. Also his trick selection is so different from everyone else in Recession Proof, a perfect example of how one trick can look better than a spin on, switch up, spin out combo move. His jump shots are all really sick to, his mini part is one of the best parts in the entire video. I hope he has a full part sometime in the near future.

Benji Farrow- The kid charges some big jumps but has whack style so I really had a hard time watching most of his tricks. He does a few nice spins but when I saw him do a front three indy off a rail I was kinda over his part.

Zack Wilmot- only has a few clips but he has such good style, his Buck 90 part will be
way better hands down.

Brandon and Ryan Griffin- Brandon had some really good shots and surprised me with a few of his tricks. Ryan only had one shot but it was pretty sick and good style too.

Yale Cousino- I was disappointed with Yale’s part not by the riding, which was really good, but more by the fact that it was all filmed at contests. I wish there had been some urban stuff too because his footy was pretty solid for all contest shots. Overall though Yale is a very good rider who can kill almost any feature that is put in front of him.

Riley Nickerson/Forrest Bailey- Both riders can obviously slay any rail, but this part really doesn’t do them justice. All of Forrest’s shots are from two contests and it would have been nice to see some footy of him that I already hadn’t seen online. Riley’s part was pretty good but the ender was kind of weak. I wanted to see him front board the whole thing, not do front board then just go back to 50-50. I think he had much better tricks in his part which would have been a better ender but regardless the kid killed the Battle Field Rail.

Overall the riding is really good in Recession Proof but I can’t recommend the video for a few reasons.
1) It has way too many riders none of which really have a full part.
2) The music is so bad that it takes away a lot from the riding. It’s either some horrible myspace band or a bad rap song off a mixtape.
3) Normally I don’t care about the quality of the filming in a movie but the colors in this were so bad. I don’t know the technical term for them but the colors were just so un-life like it was painful to watch and the snow was often to bright.

At least there were no dolly shots and distracting effects through out the movie, that just would have been unbearable.

Final Verdict

“The Joke’s Over” Make Productions Review

When I saw the trailer for this movie I expected to see a bunch on Minnesota kids doing some standard handrail tricks on all the famous Minnesota rails and a bunch of resort footage as well. Well “The Joke’s Over” is kind of like that but instead of standard handrail tricks there is some progressive and gnarly bangers getting thrown on the famous Minnesota spots but also spots I had never seen before. Not one rider rode like anyone else in the video and each had their own unique and laid back style. Watching “The Joke’s Over” I got the feeling that I was watching a bunch of friends all having fun snowboarding while pushing one another.

The intro to this movie was perfect it starts with a quote and dedication to one of my favorite writers Hunter S. Thompson which, made me know right away I was going to dig this video. The rest of the intro consisted of Kids/Know like artsy shots and some riding shots set to some good indie music, which set the tone and pace for the entire film reaffirming my first thought that this movie was going to be really sick.

The first part went to Chad Dalman who like all the other riders had very good style. His tricks overall were very sick with proper presses and boardslides centered between the bindings. He even had some good jumping shots even though he had a few questionable grabs.

Next up was Nick Buchner who killed it. He had a great mix of creative tricks and banger handrail maneuvers. His front 1 on switch back 3 off a good sized handrail was perfect and does a trick on a rail I have never seen someone do before that will turn a bunch of heads. Overall great part even though there is no jumping in it at all.

Tarah Michilot, sister of Jonas and Jordan, holds it down for the girls in her part. She does some pretty big ollies in her part with style, which rivals her brothers. I think in a few years she is going to make some waves in the woman’s snowboarding industry.

Matt Boudreaux starts his part of with a bang with one of the best park rail lines I have ever seen. I really liked the tricks that Matt does his only problem is that he was lacking tricks in the streets. When he brings all his tricks out of the park and to the streets I believe he will turn a lot of heads. Keep an eye out for more from this kid.

Jack Thonvold holds it down for the baggy pants kids with some flawless style and smooth jumping. The highlight for me from Jack’s part was a front 1 down a stair set that will make Matty Ryan quake in his boots. This kids got style and the moves to back them up.

Cody Biersdorf has the next part, which has some of the best rail riding in the entire movie in it, which is saying a lot. He has one line on back-to-back corrugated pipes that is just oozing style. Then he backs everything up with a perfect front board through a down-flat-down-flat-down-donkey dick with sick style. Almost every part in the movie has cameos from other Minnesota rides but Cody’s is the only one with a rider worth mentioning, Justin Fronius.

Justin’s style makes it so that his cameo turned the part into more of a shared part. He has some stylish rail tricks on both park features and some burly street rails but also has some amazing jumping footage. I felt like I was watching a young Zac Marben in all his shots, that’s how stylish his jumping footy was. I am very excited to see more footage from Justin in the future.

My personal favorite part comes from Dan Liedahl. Dan has what in my opinion is the best style out of any up and coming rail rider today. He has presses, which are sky high and held that high the whole time. Also while most riders’ presses get lower on street rails, Dan’s get even better if that’s possible. If his presses weren’t enough his boardslides are between the bindings and are very skate style. Dan is another rider that I am very excited to see more footage form in the future.

The last part goes to Brandon Rhodes who completely deserves it. His mix of perfectly executed basic maneuvers and progressive maneuvers make him stand out from the pack. He does a backside 3 pivot on a street rail and on a down-flat-down-flat-down does a 50-50 to front 1 switch 50-50 on the last kink just to name some of his bangers. Brandon throws down and ends the video on a very very high note.

“The Joke’s Over” felt more like watching a skate video rather than your average snowboard video, which is a great thing. From it’s fast paced riding to lack of dolly shots; “The Joke’s Over” delivers. I believe the video is going to be released online but to get a hard copy go to the Make Production Site and buy it. It’s well worth the $10.